Mohs Surgery

About 10,000 Americans are identified with skin cancer every day, rendering it the most prevalent form of cancer in the United States. Luckily for you, whether you have been diagnosed with squamous or basal cell carcinoma, Mohs micrographic surgery provides the highest success rate for a complete recovery. At Ali Hendi, MD, the skin cancer specialists and Mohs surgeons utilize this highly-accurate surgical technique to ensure that they provide satisfying results to their patients. Take some time to learn more about Chevy Chase Mohs surgery and its benefits to appreciate better why it is still the gold standard for treating skin cancer.

What exactly is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs micrographic surgery is a cutting-edge procedure that protects good tissue whilst eliminating malignant tissue. Dr. Hendi and his expert staff accomplish this by removing malignant tissue one tiny layer after another.

After eliminating a layer, your surgeon prepares the tissue for examination under a microscope at their on-site medical lab. This procedure allows Dr. Hendi to create a precise picture of your skin cancer, which can often spread deep into the skin’s layers.

This treatment is repeated till all cancer cells are discovered and eliminated, leaving only healthy skin tissue. Whereas the operation is time-consuming, your patience is rewarded with less scarring and skin completely free of cancer.

What Are The Advantages Of Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a complicated surgical procedure that necessitates the expertise of a dermatologist with specialized training. At the private dermatology practice in Chevy Chase, MD, besides Dr. Ali Hendi, you will meet certified skin cancer specialists and Mohs surgeons, Dr. Joy Kunishige and Dr. Jonathan Soh.

Compared to other forms of surgery or skin cancer treatment, Mohs surgery provides several clear-cut advantages, including:

1. No Hospitalization Required

Although any cancer therapy aims to rid you of cancer, it is better and more convenient to obtain care without the need for hospitalization. Dr. Hendi and his team perform outpatient Mohs surgery procedures at their state-of-the-art offices, where you can relax, read, and text throughout your treatment.

2. Exceptional Cure Rates

Studies show that Mohs surgery is 99% effective for freshly detected skin malignancies. If you have been identified with skin cancer again, Mohs surgery is the most advanced treatment option, with a 94% effectiveness for recurrent cancers.

 3 . Lessened Scarring

Your surgeon tries to eliminate all cancerous tissues throughout Mohs surgery whilst conserving as much good skin tissue as feasible. Compared to conventional options, this procedure provides the finest cosmetic outcomes because the scar is smaller. For this reason, Mohs surgery is a fantastic choice for skin malignancies that occur in highly noticeable areas, such as the neck, head, and face.

4. No More Wondering And Waiting

In conventional excision surgery, the excised tissue is sent to an outside laboratory; hence, you will have to wait for the test outcomes. Throughout this period, you wonder if the surgery was effective and whether you still have malignant tissue.

However, with Mohs surgery, this wait time is significantly reduced. At Ali Hendi, MD, your surgeon evaluates every excised layer of skin, ensuring that you leave the clinic with accurate information regarding the treatment’s outcomes and your skin’s health.

Do not allow a skin cancer diagnosis to put you down! With Mohs surgery, skin cancer is curable, and you can continue living your life without the fear of recurrences. Do you wish to discover more advantages of Mohs surgery and whether it is appropriate for you? Call the Chevy Chase, MD office or use the online booking tool to request an initial consultation today.