Stronger Shoulders for Better Vertical Jumping – Ways to Achieve the Goal

Stronger Shoulders

Most of the players have half knowledge about training for achieving the perfect vertical jump for their game. People train their legs for a great vertical jump, but shoulders are often ignored. Shoulders may not be the only muscle which is used for a vertical jump, but sure it is the most important one of all.

Shoulders are the most important thing to get your arm swing in your vertical jump. Try jumping with your arm crossed to your chest, and then jump with your arms naturally swinging in the air, you will automatically feel the difference and importance of your shoulder in your jump.

You can do many things to strengthen your shoulders. You can get proper shoulder training in Vert Shock review. Here are few ways you can follow to strengthen your shoulder muscles:-Stronger Shoulders

  • Most simple and basic exercise to do is hand push. You can do this exercise using nothing but bodyweights.
  • You can also try military press or behind the neck press. It depends on your own choice and comfort levels.
  • If you try doing dips for your shoulders you can get three way benefits. You get to work on your shoulders, chest and triceps all at the same time with one single exercise.

Tips to remember while training for shoulders –

  • Warm-up –

Warm-up is a very important and necessary thing to do before you start any training program. Your body prepares itself with the warm-up session. You can do basic warm-ups by doing some basic exercises to make your body and muscles free.

  • First and the second set –

After warm-up you can start with a set of 8 dips with no weights. After the first set of no weights, you can add some weight using weights like ankle weight, hanging weight from their feet or using weighted belts.

  • Third set –

After adding the weight, you should do 2 – 3 sets of 8. Resting for couple of minutes between each set is recommended.

You can make your own training set. You can add overhead and overhand throw, a chest pass and other exercises in your training cycle.