Smart Liposuction Ultra

You’ve tried every fad diet that’s come along for years, to no avail. You eat right, and you exercise, but you’ve still got lumps and bulges and sag that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how hard you try. You’ve considered surgery, but are concerned about the risks and the inconvenience. Fortunately for you, there’s a brand new innovation in cosmetic surgery, developed by Soluna MD, which can quickly, safely, and conveniently correct and resculpt your body into the shape you’ve always wanted.

Smart Lipo Ultra is a new technology that involves the use of ultrasound and laser to efficiently strip subcutaneous fat from specific areas, while tightening the skin to avoid unsightly sagging. The result is the ability to efficiently sculpt a thinner, fitter body. Smart Lipo Ultra can be applied to a variety of areas with impressive results – belly, buttock, and chin fat can all be removed in minutes in a comfortable, safe setting.

Smart Lipo Ultra has been called the ‘lunchtime lipo’ — it’s an outpatient procedure that requires only local anesthesia (entirely eliminating the danger associated with “going under”), and creating minimal to no post-op pain and tenderness. You can get the procedure done, and go to work the next day, with no extended recovery times. Smart Lipo Ultra is a medical procedure that accommodates your schedule, not the other way around. Better still, by employing feedback on warmth and sensation from the patient, it is possible for Smart Lipo Ultra to safely remove more fat than is possible with other techniques.

Smart Liposuction Ultra

Smart Lipo Ultra is a safe, proven technology that produces minimal scarring, and involves none of the risks of traditional invasive surgery.

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