How to get rid of yeast infections?

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Yeast infection is known as a common type of infection, and it generally targets genital areas. It is observed that generally, females are more prone to yeast infections. Due to yeast infection, basically one experiences pain and itching around the genitals. Candida albicans is the yeast which is found when a female experiences yeast infection around the genitals. There are many processed medicines available in the market which can cure yeast infections, but all of them have some or the other adverse effects on the body. Being a female one may not have easy access to some of these medicines or ointments also, and hence it is better to try some of the known home remedies. The most beneficial part of the home remedies is they are easily available at home and almost cost-free as every remedy uses the items which are available at home only. They are also easy to use and free from all the possible side effects. So one should treat yeast infections with home remedies only. Few home remedies are mentioned below.

Boric Acid

There are special vaginal boric acid capsules available for women to treat yeast infections around female genitals. Scientific research institutes have deduced that a capsule containing 600mg of boric acid is effective for females. This capsule has to be inserted into the female genital directly which then breaks inside and does the chemical process to cure infections. In a research, 70 percent of women have found this treatment effective. The result may vary from case to case, but over a period one can definitely expect improvement in health and healing of yeast infection.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is antifungal in nature. This oil was reviewed by researchers, and it was proved that it can eliminate a variety of yeasts. The proper direction to use tea tree oil for curing vaginal infection is mentioned here. One needs to add 3-5 drops of tea tree oil to an ounce of coconut oil, and then a tampon should be soaked in the solution. This tampon has to be inserted into the genitals. One has to change the tampon regularly after 12-24 hours. In a few days, one can get rid of this infection forever.

Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt without any flavors and sweeteners contain probiotics which helps get rid of yeast infections. One can use natural yogurt in three ways, by eating it directly, by applying it around the vagina or by inserting it inside the genitals.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains anti-fungal characteristics. Moreover, it is the best remedy to cure candida albicans fungi which is primarily responsible for vaginal infections. Coconut oil can be applied massaged inside or around the genitals for curing symptoms. Coconut oil can also be used as a mixture of other essential oils for curing vaginal infections.


Garlic contains both antibiotic and antifungal characteristics. Direct consumption of garlic through eating might be helpful to cure vaginal infections, but majority females prefer placing a clove internally. If one has sensitive skin, she might have a burning sensation in the genitals.