How to Remove Dental Plaque


The excess plaque can cause the appearance of tartar on the teeth, something that is difficult to remove and it has to be treated daily. As soon as you notice that you have yellowish residue in the mouth is because you have accumulated plaque and you need to remove it to avoid diseases in the gums, cavities or bad breath. With a routine of daily hygiene and some changes in eating habits, we will be able to eliminate plaque quickly and effectively.

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You will need to have:

  • Toothbrush
  • Fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Interdental cleanser
  • Anti-bacterial mouthwash

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1: The dental plaque appears essentially by a poor diet: with excess of acid, sugars or fats harmful to the teeth. Although there is a belief that the essential cause of tartar is not good dental hygiene, the fact is that if you include in your diet the amount of recommended fruits and vegetables, tartar would decrease visibly.

In addition, if in your daily life, you consume coffee, black tea and / or tobacco this could harm your dental health by causing more of this dental plaque to appear so annoying and antiesthetic. Therefore, the causes of the occurrence of tartar should be sought in the food that is carried out and / or in the lack of dental hygiene.

2: To remove dental plaque it is advisable to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least once a day for three minutes; Move the brush in an up and down motion instead of performing side-to-side movements. Make sure the brush delineates the gums as well as the contours of the teeth.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth after each meal for better protection against plaque buildup and that for proper washing, you replace the toothbrush at least four times a year.

3: It is also advisable to clean the area between your teeth flossed with wax or without wax once a day to remove plaque trapped between the teeth that brushing cannot eliminate. After the thread, it is advised that you use mouthwash to eliminate the bacteria that are responsible for creating plaque; For this, it is recommended that you use it twice a day and that you do with a one that is, specifically, antibacterial. In this article from a How do we answer the question of whether it is bad to use mouthwash.

4: In addition to the oral cleaning routine just mentioned, if you want to eliminate dental plaque you can add foods to your diet that contribute to deep cleaning the teeth. We have already discussed the importance of food in dental health and now we detail which are the most recommended:

  • Raw fruits and vegetables: especially green leafy vegetables (spinach, arugula, etc.) and apples.
  • The sesame has great calcium content so it works perfectly for cleaning tartar.
  • The stevia: A plant sweetener has no calories and naturally sugar substitutes. In addition to this, it is perfect for cleaning dental plaque.

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5: There are also home remedies that can help improve the appearance of your teeth and make them look cleaner and brighter than ever. Here are some home remedies for teeth that are very easy to prepare and very effective:

  • Sunflower oil: The Indian culture takes advantage of this oil to clean the dental plaque. This ingredient treats problems of the mouth and also eliminates the toxins that are stored in our mouth; It is especially recommended to rinse with sunflower oil if you have infections, gum problems, gingivitis, and so on.
  • Bicarbonate of sodium: To eliminate tartar from the teeth, this homemade remedy has always been used. To do this, you will just have to mix a little baking soda in water and put the toothbrush in the mixture, wash as you usually do and little by little you will see how your diets are cleaner.
  • Orange peel: Vitamin C of this fruit makes bacteria that grow on teeth disappear; For this you will only have to take the peel and rub it on your teeth every night before bed.

6: To keep your teeth clean and free of tartar it is essential that you carry out a routine of hygiene and habits of life that will make your teeth are perfect. Here are some basic tips to incorporate into your day-to-day life:

  • To wash the teeth after every meal: this way you will eliminate any residue that has remained in the teeth and, therefore, you will avoid the formation of bacteria.
  • P horn natural teeth: for chemical, they are chemicals that are very aggressive with the pH of the mouth.
  • Daily use of the dental wire: every night, before bedtime, floss your teeth between the teeth to eliminate any remaining that cannot be removed by brushing.
  • Dental cleaning 1 time per year: it is important that at least annually you visit a dentist to perform a deep and professional cleaning.

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