There is something that needs to be said about this amazing home gym system from Bowflex one of the most advanced and reliable home gym systems out there in the market. The idea behind the products that it aims to replace the need of having a gym membership by enabling the user to perform any kind of weight training that they want, right in the comfort of their own homes. Here’s everything you need to know about this particularly amazing gym system

Think You’re Serious Enough?

It isn’t uncommon to find home gym systems that are similar to this to be able to provide maybe 20 to 40 exercises but this particular system, actually enables the user to perform up to 60 different exercises! Not only does this help to keep things fresh in the exercise routine but it also means the user is able to perform any kind of targeted weight training that they please.

Whether it’s the biceps, triceps, chest or back, there is simply nothing that the bowflex Blaze system cannot do! The other factor that makes this home gym system a real winner is that users can upgrade the total maximum weight limit from a mere 210 pounds to a whopping 410 pounds! This allows users of all fitness levels, from beginner to the advanced, to rely on this system to build their bodies even further!

Durability And Long-Lasting Are Its Trademarks

By being able to perform up to 60 different exercises on it, this means that not only will the user able to keep their exercise routine fresh, but it also allows them to perform very specific, targeted weight training. The human body isn’t perfect and weight lifters understand that getting a body that will make even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s jaw drop will take a lot of time and dedication. Of course, it will also help if the user can reliably perform their training on a reliable piece of equipment and that is what the product does so well.

More Affordable Than You May Think!

With the ability to perform so many exercises, it is reasonable for any user to expect the worst when it comes to its price but yet again, the product surpasses everyone’s expectations by only costing less than $1, 000! By far the price alone puts it far ahead of the competition and with its many functions and features, the Blaze is definitely hard to pass up on.