Pregnancy is an exciting, unique and joyous time in every women’s life. It highlights a woman’s power of a creating and nurturing a new life and marks a new beginning of her journey as a mother. Welcoming a baby into the world is an inexpressible emotion and could be understood only by the ones experiencing it. After the news of pregnancy breaks out in front of the parents, the only wait is for the date the baby will actually arrive in the world and their lives. This wait is usually for a period of 9 months but in some cases, it might take more or less than the exact 9 months of pregnancy.

The gynaecologist gives a date of delivery of the baby after calculating the time of fertilization of the egg but this doesn’t calm the curiosities of expectant women. The excitement about having a life inside yourself urges you to keep a daily check on how is your offspring. Obviously, you can not consult your gynaecologist every time when you want to judge or know about the remaining time for the delivery and you might need something that can help you do so.

Pregnancy due date calculator is the exact solution to this anxiety that every mother surely has on an ongoing basis. With the help of the technology, you can calculate the days between your pregnancy and the expected date of delivery of the baby by yourself, at your home, without any professional sitting over your head. Just like a normal calculator, that helps you calculating financial figures, pregnancy calculator by due date helps you estimating the time of your delivery according to the development and growth of the baby. All you have to do is to follow the steps below:
1. Go to the due date calculator.
2. Enter your date of conceiving (the assumed date if not the exact)
3. Click on check results.

According to the date of conceiving, the due date calculator pregnancy, calculates 38 from the starting of fertilization of the egg and give you an expected date. However, this may keep changing with the passage of time, depending upon the growth of the baby in the womb. To keep a regular check on the date, you can upload the results of the ultrasound exam. The reports of the growth of the baby is then analysed and depending on the results, the due date gets revised. This process can be done every time a woman undergoes an ultrasound exam and wish to check the new expected delivery date of her baby.

Although, the chances of delivery of the baby on the estimated date is rare with 1 out of 20 women actually delivering on the same date, but it gives the expectant woman an estimated date for welcoming her baby into the world. This helps you see the growth of your baby and the changes occurring in pregnancy week by week. This gives an idea of how developed your child is and allows you to see the journey of your child’s growth before they come in your hands.