Can Physical Therapy Help Your Aging Parent?

Physical Therapy

Many people think of physical therapy as a treatment that comes after an injury or long illness. Yet physical therapy offers many benefits for people as they age. If you’re concerned about your parent’s mobility, flexibility, and physical endurance, you should consider how physical therapy for seniors in Marietta, GA can greatly enhance your loved one’s life.

Physical Therapy

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy employs exercise, massage, heat treatment, and other methods to help in the treatment of injury or disease. Yet many are discovering that this form of non-drug treatment can protect health just as it can improve it for people as they age. By promoting good physical health and flexibility, physical therapy allows people to remain more active than otherwise. By improving their physical condition, many elderly people are able to remain independent longer and able to enjoy mobility with less risk of falling.

Improved Physical Health

Exercise, even for people with limited ability, can enhance physical health. Physical therapists are trained to work with people of various abilities. They know which exercises can enhance their patients’ physical well-being. Exercise can slow muscle atrophy and increase physical endurance among seniors. By enhancing circulation and muscle tone, physical therapy can even positively impact a person’s longevity.

Fall Prevention

One of the great features of physical therapy is its impact on balance. As seniors’ senses start to deteriorate, the potential for falling is increased. Physical therapy, however, can improve one’s sense of balance and flexibility. In short, it can help prevent seniors from suffering falls. Seniors who are in better shape may also bounce back more quickly if they should suffer an injury thanks to physical therapy.

Mental Acuity

Physical exercise is also good for the mind. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that don’t simply impact the body; they influence the mind too. These endorphins quite literally have an uplifting effect on mood. Seniors often report feeling better emotionally after a physical therapy session. Others report enjoying improved focus and mental clarity.

While some seniors may need physical therapy as part of their recovery plan, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that all seniors can benefit from physical therapy. By keeping in the best physical shape possible, seniors may enjoy increased longevity and greater protection from falls. If you are concerned about your aging parent’s health, be sure to consider just how physical therapy can benefit your loved one now and in the future.