If you have a pet such as a dog or cat, then you might be wise to switch from smoking tobacco to the electronic cigarette. Whilst the electronic cigarette is similar in looks to the traditional cigarette, that is where the similarity ends. E-cigarettes are operated by batteries that enable the e-cigarette user to produce a vapour instead of smoke. Therefore, the electronic device has been found to be a healthful alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

A Miracle-Type Cure

One woman who had smoked extensively over the years found that switching to e-cigarettes caused both her dog and cat to breathe easier. Both of the animals had problems with respiratory distress and had been diagnosed with asthma. Because the woman had smoked, the toxins in the cigarettes had impacted her pets. When she made the switch to the e-cigarette, however, the symptoms automatically subsided.

Children Are Also Affected

Children who have asthma usually live in a home where smoking takes place. When parents switch to the e-cigarette, however, children’s asthma symptoms, just like the symptoms of dogs and cats, begin to subside.

Make the Switch If You Smoke

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the respiratory system, making it difficult to breathe. The causes and symptoms are similar in both humans and animals. As a result, if you smoke in a home with children and pets, you might want to consider switching to an e cig device.

Some of the Signs

Usually, an asthma attack begins like an allergy before developing into a full-blown attack. Besides smoke, triggers may include dander, dust mites, pollen, strong scents, moulds, and airborne pollutants. In a pet, you may see the animal coughing or wheezing. He or she can also exhibit such signs as laboured and shallow breathing, a runny nose, and loss of appetite. The gums and tongue can also turn blue because of insufficient oxygen.

When a Diagnosis Is Made

When asthma is diagnosed in a pet, a chest x-ray is taken to check airway inflammation and a blood analysis is completed as well. In return, the vet prescribes a treatment for the sick pet. To rule out respiratory issues, the vet may perform a parasite and heartworm exam for the presence of lungworms. He or she may also perform a blood count and culture to check for infection.

If you currently have a pet, you can reduce the risk of asthma and other illnesses by switching to the e-cigarette. Pets are also known to get cancer when they are exposed to their owner’s smoking habit. Instead of releasing harmful toxins into your house, take the alternative approach and start vaping instead.

A Boon to the Environment

E-cigarettes are made to reduce problems with illness, whether it affects the smoker’s health or members of his or her family. They also reduce the waste that is produced by traditional cigarettes. Traditional smokers not only create debris in the form of ashes but the butts of cigarettes are regularly washed down sewer systems when it rains. Therefore, they also impact the water supply.

Reduce the chance for illness in yourself and others and review the various offerings of e-cigarette products today.