Because of innovations being made in in the field of aesthetics, women and men can get rid of the unsightly appearance of sagging skin or cellulite. This type of procedure can be used in all areas of the body including the arms, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

One of these treatments, known as Elite Smooth Tone, is ideal for reducing the look of cellulite and tightening loose skin or the stretched-out skin that appears after pregnancy. Commonly treated sites are normally the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, “love handles,” and arms.

Patients like this type of treatment approach as it is comfortable during the six sessions over which it is typically performed. You will see optimum results about three months after the therapy. In order to maintain your new look, you should seek a treatment every four months for the best results.

The Elite Smooth Tone™ System: An Overview

The Elite Smooth Tone™ system is revolutionary as it features advanced technology for skin tightening and shaping. The system facilitates the process by delivering a controlled amount of heat to body tissues whilst cooling the skin’s surface by using a concentrated RF technology. Patients see a circumference reduction from around four to 15 centimetres in volume overall.

The Elite Smooth Tone award-winning and non-invasive cellulite treatment in Singapore is recommended for clients who are not significantly over their normal weight. Ideal candidates want to reduce the look of unwanted bulges or firm and tone sagging skin that has not been improved by dieting and exercise.

Legacy Restore™: Non-Invasive Cellulite Therapy

Another non-invasive cellulite therapy is known as Legacy Restore™. This type of treatment uses a device that employs 4D™ technology for skin tightening and reducing cellulite. By combining a multi-polar radio frequency, VariPulse™ technology, and pulsed electromagnetic fields, this type of treatment leads to pain-free and safe cellulite and skin toning treatments.

In fact, the multi-polar radio frequency delivers a pain-free and quick homogenous type of heat to various tissue depths whilst the pulsed magnetic fields technology is known for its regenerative properties. The VariPulse™ technology used in the therapy is designed to deliver deep energy penetration and lymphatic drainage whilst promoting circulation.

The Legacy Restore™ technology also features real-time thermal feedback for better clinical results. In turn, this type of technology not only gets rid of fat pockets and tightens the skin but it can also be used to soften the look of wrinkles and facial lines around the mouth.

When it is used for cellulite treatments, the Legacy Restore™ system also contours and lifts the buttocks so that their overall shape is enhanced. In addition, the treatment reduces the circumference and smooths out any cellulite for smoother and tighter-toned legs.

Patients who choose this type of cellulite treatment often undergo six sessions and start seeing results after the first treatment. Non-invasive treatments of this type do not require downtime so patients can resume their daily activities after a treatment is performed.