Mitigating Your Oral Health Budget: What You Need to Know About Dentures in the UK


Since the year 2010, the dental care market in the UK has grown faster than childcare services, pharmaceutical products, senior care, and even the hospitality sector.

According to the Christie and Co. medical team, our oral health industry has notched up by a staggering 12.3% during the past 12 months alone, which means that Britons are spending extraordinary chunks of change on their dental needs.

What Does This Mean for My Denture Requirements?

The biggest beneficiaries of this ostensible oral health boom have been dental laboratory technicians because these specialists are the intermediaries between your local dental office and the custom-fabricated prosthetics that so many of us need nowadays:

  • The most recent census data indicates that the UK is home to nearly 66 million people, roughly 23% of whom wear full or partial sets of false teeth.
  • Of those that have visited a dentist for denture problems during the past year, more than three out of every four patients had to wait for their clinicians to contact a dental lab for a feasible solution.
  • However, if you skip the dentist’s office and partner directly with a reputable denture clinic, you can decrease your prosthetics outlays by anywhere between 20% to 40% over the course of five years.

It’s easy to see why trusted denture services in Camberley are quickly becoming the go-to resource for so many Britons.

How Do I Access These Services?

If you meander over to the web page of your community denture specialists, you can click the link for one of the three service types shown below:

  • Denture repair or refurbishment
  • New denture creation
  • Toll-free denture consultation

Logically, you should take advantage of the free consultation opportunity with a certified denture professional before making a decisive choice.