Woman eating fresh fruit

When you think about consuming, when it comes to health, your first thoughts probably go to your foods. However, you consume medications and you also consume the things that you drink. It’s just as important to pay attention to the pills you take and the stuff that you drink as it is to make sure that you eat the right foods for optimal health.

Eating Healthy

What you eat affects your whole body, from your internal organs all the way out to your skin. If you eat fatty, greasy foods they can clog your arteries and lead to heart attack or stroke. It can also cause pimples and greasy skin. Eating the wrong foods can do so many bad things to you, which is why the USDA has a guide to recommended foods and servings.

It’s all about making the right meal choices, and the right snack choices. If you want to be healthy, eat your fruits and vegetables, opt for whole foods, and make leaner choices when it comes to meat and dairy. It’s about more than just eating the right foods though, it’s also about not overdoing it on servings.

Eating Healthy
Woman eating fresh fruit

Drinking Healthy

While you may think of alcoholic beverages at the top of the list of unhealthy things to drink, but they aren’t the only bad things. First off, some studies have shown in the past that a glass of red wine or even a glass of beer can be good for you. Moderation is the key.

What you really need to cut out of your diet is soda. Not only is soda corrosive to your teeth, but it bad for your health in general. Even diet soda is bad for your health and your teeth. Your best bet is to drink water, and possibly juice with no added sugars.

Properly Medicating

You may not realize it, but the misuse of prescription medications is very prevalent, and in some areas it is worse than the use of street drugs. It isn’t just people on the corner buying vicodin or teens stealing pills from grandma’s medicine cabinet, even those that the pills are subscribed to can abuse them.

Have you ever taken a pill different than how it was prescribed to you? Maybe you took more of a pain killer than you were supposed to in a certain period of time. That is prescription drug abuse, and it can be harmful to your heal.

If you want to be healthy, pay attention to the things that you are putting in your body. Eat the right foods, and drinking plenty of water. Make sure that you follow the instruction on your medications and you will be on the road to a healthier and happier you.