Is a Live-in Care Job for You?

Care Job

When you want to pursue a career as a live in carer it’s wise to do some self reflection before you begin this journey. You’ll need to think about your goals for entering this profession, what you want to achieve with each job that you’re hired to do, and how you can make each experience successful for both you and your client. Is this the right job for you? Use some of the tips below to determine if being a live in carer is the right career path for you to pursue.

Care Job

  • Providing 24 hour care at home will require that you meet some criteria that assure any agency that you would be a good employee for their organisation. Do you have any previous experience? Have you had any specialised training that has prepared for you taking care of a client in their home? Be sure to take advantage of any classes or professional development opportunities that can train you to be a quality live in care provider.
  • Do you have patience, and kind heart, and a helping spirit? Providing care for someone in need is a calling not just a job. You must be dedicated to your client and committed to giving them exceptional care around the clock. It’s helpful to have a positive attitude, a cheerful disposition, and a caring nature that is genuinely concerned about the welfare of your client. Live in care jobs greatly impact the quality of life of your client and being a true professional is a must.
  • How are your communication skills? You will have to keep in contact with your agency, interact with the family members of your client, and let your client know when you think another method or type of care would work better. Having excellent written and oral skills are a must for becoming a good live in carer. Good communication skills prevent confusion and misinformation from detracting from the care that you give your client. It’s also your key to success as a live in carer.
  • Can you multi-task? Are you calm when everything around you seems to be in chaos? Being able to handle a multitude of tasks at the same time is an essential skill needed for live in care. Also keeping your head when things seem to be going wrong is an attribute that will help you navigate any problems that can arise. Remaining calm can help you client to calm down and reassess the situation so that they can make a better decision. Being able to influence your client with the tone of your voice and your mannerisms is a valuable asset to take into home care. When you can effectively control situations in the home, you’ll be highly valued by your client and their family.