You have probably seen someone wearing one somewhere and figured out that it had to do with the well-being of their leg’s health, and you guessed right that indeed it is used for those purposes.

So, let’s dig a little deeper and find out what they’re all about and why they’re worn.

  • A knee brace is worn as a medical aid that helps to strengthen and support those with injured knees.
  • There are various designs, colours and even materials which are used for these braces.

Due to a knee being a hinged joint, the knee brace has a single or a double hinge to provide for bending.

Three Main Types

There are other types of knee braces which have been specifically developed to prevent injury, but their actual efficiency has been deemed somewhat controversial. The three major types of knee braces are:

  1. Functional
  2. Prophylactic
  3. Arthritic


Functional knee braces are commonly put to use after someone has received an injury, such as a torn ligament to provide the joints with support and prevent the knees from moving about so much.

The functional kind of brace can help to ease any pain which was caused by an injury.

  • These kinds of knee braces easily let people’s knees function a lot smoother after an injury.


Prophylactic knee braces are the ones which have been developed to help prevent any sports injuries, even though some experts have not come to an agreement as to their level of support.

A number of sporting medical experts claim that a prophylactic knee brace might even lead to injury of the knees in sports people instead of preventing it. There is naturally also some added risk from wearing one to other players on the field, who may indeed be harmed by the brace during game play.

  • However, some medical professionals in sports still do prescribe prophylactic knee braces to players.


What are known as “arthritic knee braces” are put to use by those people who suffer from arthritis. (Arthritis is a painful inflammation of the joints). An arthritic knee brace by itself is usually not an efficient treatment for someone’s arthritic knees.

And so doctors are now also prescribing special orthopaedic shoes to be worn alongside an arthritic knee brace. The placing of a bandage wrapped around the knee underneath the brace can also help to contain any joint swelling caused by arthritis.

An Array of Designs

There are many sorts of knee braces available and are commonly in colours such as black or tan, but others are now available in brighter colours such as red or teal. The more modern designs even feature sporty stripes!

And, when it comes down to choosing knee braces, remember that the most expensive type isn’t always the best. The most suitable brace type for people who require them should be prescribed by a medical professional.