Kick That Dirty Habit and Become a Non Smoker

Non Smoker

In the UK every October is known as ‘Stoptober’. It’s the time when smokers come together to try and quit their bad habit. They are offered support from the NHS and online communities. It’s a great way to finally decide that the time is right to stop smoking for good. If you’re looking to kick the habit use the tips below to help you.

Non Smoker

Making Small Changes

It is hard to think about never having a cigarette again, so it’s best to focus on small goals. Set yourself plenty of these little goals as you go through each hour, day and week. Focus on the one in front of you and the one’s you have managed to reach rather than the end goal. You will find it less daunting and less stressful.

Think Positively About the Future

You are doing a great thing for yourself, your family and your friends. You may feel grump to begin with but try and remain positive. Let yourself know you are doing something that will improve your life. Even if you have failed to stop before that doesn’t mean you’ll fail this time, you can do it! So stay positive and strong.

Think about the Foods and Drink You Consume

Eating and drinking habits can make giving up smoking difficult, you may have to change your regular routines. If you always enjoy a smoke after eating a meal change the way you eat. Instead of a main meal have several small bite sized meals at different times. If you drink with tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages swap those drinks for something else.  You don’t have to permanently change your habits but it can help especially in the first 21 days.

Learn When You Crave Your Cigarettes

You will know when you are craving, and in the past you will have automatically lit up a cigarette and not been aware of the craving. Now you will be fully aware of the feelings you have that are telling you to have a smoke. Interestingly it is worth knowing that cravings last for five minutes before subsiding. That means you only need to distract yourself for five minutes and the feeling will pass on by.

Give yourself five minute tasks to complete that will ensure you stay away from the bad habit. You could complete a crossword, do some online shopping, tackle the washing up, give someone a call or read a chapter of your book.

Exercise is Great

Exercise, even in small bites will help you to cut the cravings. Scientific studies have shown that even five minutes of walking or stretching can cause your brain to produce antic craving chemicals. So find some form of activity and use it to beat the habit once and for all.

Use a Substitution

Not everyone is able to quit first time but there are ways you can help yourself stop. YOU could use patches or inhalers which are used to help people stop. You can also keep your fingers busy using electronic cigarettes, kanger evod. Although they are not used to help people stop they are praised by many new non-smokers.