Indulging in a massage seems pretty straightforward. For the most part, it is. You book a therapist, come to a parlor, get a massage, and leave. Nothing complicated about that, right? But, a lot of people still seem uncomfortable about getting one. Either it seems invasive because there’s a stranger rubbing your naked back or you just don’t know the proper way to act during a massage.

Fortunately, these are all just fears and worries that don’t have to ruin the experience if you don’t let it. Getting a massage should be simple and relaxing. You don’t need to fret over the minor details of it. But, it would help knowing the proper behavior to act when getting one.

No Such Things as Small Talk

If you’ve gotten a haircut you know how hairstylists like to chat with you about anything and everything under the sun? It’s almost to be expected when you go to the salon. However, a massage and spa need not be like that. It’s supposed to be a time for relaxation and peace. If you don’t feel like talking, then don’t. If the massage therapist seems is the one talking to you, answer him or her but don’t extend the conversation. If all else fails then just pretend to sleep. They won’t get offended knowing that their massage is that relaxing.

Naked but Not Lewd

It’s normal to strip down butt-naked during a massage. It allows for the therapist to have long and continuous strokes without having any clothing interrupting the motion. Now, just because you’re naked doesn’t mean you need to show off everything. A therapist is used to seeing a person’s buttocks, not their privates. So, it’s advisable to get comfortable. You can strip down or keep your underwear if you really want to. Just don’t get too comfortable.

Speak Up

The only time you should say anything during your massage if the pressure is too soft or hard. Your objective is to relax, you won’t be able to do that if the pressure is above what you can handle. Don’t be embarrassed to ask the therapist to adjust their touch. It’s perfectly normal and they’d be happy to oblige. It is your massage, after all, and they’d want you to relax as much as you can. Let them know your problem areas too. While therapists are pretty good at spotting which areas have the most tension, it will always be better if you tell them directly where the pain is. That way they can focus most of their effort on that one spot.

Getting a massage nowadays is common and easy to find. If you take a quick search to find therapeutic massage denver co, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of places that are enticing to try and give it a shot. Still, it’s important to learn the proper behavior when getting a massage. There are things you can and cannot do and it’s always best to know where the line is.