Sober Living Home

When it comes to choosing the right sober living home, it’s not as easy as everyone think it is. With all the facilities available for you, it is not impossible for you to get tempted and just enrolled to whatever facility you found. Keep in mind that it is important for you to carefully choose the right facility that would help you with your addiction treatment.

Honestly, when you talk about rehabilitation centers and sober living homes, most of the time, they’re only offering the same kind of program. However, despite this, it’s still vital for you to take some of your time in considering your choices. Always remember that the more the program fits your preferences and level of addiction, the higher the possibility for you to achieve the recovery that you’re aiming for.

First things first, you need to choose whether you want an outpatient treatment or an inpatient treatment. These two have their own advantage and disadvantage. You just need to know more information about each of the treatment in order to know which one fits you more.

Sober Living Home

Outpatient Treatment

For outpatient treatment, the patient would be required to have an appointment with a counselor. This is vital, as this will help you assess your condition and the level of your addiction. The counselor would need to know about the patient’s health, the kind of addiction the patient has and for how long the patient had been suffering the addiction he or she has.

Outpatient treatment doesn’t have a consistent length of time for their programs, as it would depend on the severity of the patient’s condition. There are some instances where an individual would be required by their counselor to attend an 8-hour program while others would just be required to attend a 2-hour program. One of the things that the patient is required to do in a weekly basis is take a drug test. This is crucial in order for them to know if the patient is taking any drugs or alcohol while they’re not under the supervision of their counselor or a specialist.

However, if an individual is suffering from a multiple kinds of addiction, it is not advisable for them to take this kind of treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

Compared to outpatient treatment where the patient isn’t required to stay in a rehabilitation facility, individuals who take inpatient treatment are required to stay at the facility. They need to stay in the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They would be asked to stay in the facility until their recovery.

Inpatient treatment has a very high successful rate of full recovery especially with the individuals who take the 30 to 90 days program. This success rate is even increasing drastically. It is also thanks to the strict and all-day-on-hand guidance of the counselors and specialists. Without them, the treatment program alone wouldn’t work at all.

Most of the individuals who take inpatient treatment are the ones whose level of addiction is high. They are required to stay in the facility because they need to focus on their own lives.