If you’ve ever spent any time on a workout regimen, then you know that bodybuilding nutrition is the most expensive aspect of a bodybuilding program. Gym memberships, weights, cables are naturally a part of the costs, but buying food month after month is what really adds up. Clearly, it is hard to follow a program that is hard to afford! So here’s a few great tips to save money.

Chicken Breast. Frozen chicken breast will naturally be cheaper than fresh, but the downside is preservatives are added. Another alternative to look into is fresh chicken thighs. They have a little more fat since they’re a dark meat, but it’s significantly cheaper than chicken breast.

Vegetables. The same frozen and fresh rules apply. Go with leafy dark greens like spinach, kale, and broccoli, to name a few. Since you can’t really buy fresh in bulk, you can certainly take advantage of cost savings by stocking up on frozen veggies!

Rice. Now that we have chicken and veggies, it’s time to complete your meal with a bed of rice which you can buy in bulk. It’s a great source of carbohydrates. Look for 100% premium long grain rice. You can easily get this at the grocery store cheaper than Costco or Sam’s Club, even the fifty pound. bags. Just to be sure, check with a calculator for a per pound basis to compare prices at different stores.

Pancakes. Not considered as part of a bodybuilding plan, but if you’re working with the bulk approach? It’s another source of cheap carbohydrates to substitute with when you’d rather not eat the same monotonous diet over and over.

Protein Shakes. Alongside a pancake breakfast, protein shakes are a perfect fit. You can also obtain whey protein for the shakes at Costco. Usually what they have in stock will be cheaper on a gram by gram average then at supplement stores like GNC.

Supplements. Regarding supplemental products, one of the best workout supplements for fat burning currently available is called Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher. This type of product promotes higher levels of oxygen throughout the body, and does so by increasing blood flow to the lungs and respiratory system. It can be indispensable for those more demanding workouts.

Please note to always follow recommended dosages, and consult your doctor before trying new products. If you have ever dealt with protein and creatine side effects, BELDT Labs has further recommendations on dosage listed. It’s best to avoid and prevent unwanted shakes and jitters.

Tuna Fish. Regarding cheap sources of protein, go with canned tuna fish. It might not be the tastiest, but it’s certainly high protein, low fat, and quick to whip up and prepare. It’s considered a staple for workouts, and you can usually get these quite cheap at the dollar store.

Beans. Another great bodybuilding protein source! They’re cheap, high in complex carbs, and low in fat. Especially if you’re buying just beans, not the beans with junk added like pork. Just plain canned beans like Bush’s Original baked beans, or more generic varieties will be worth it.

Again, having a calculator is handy for crunching the numbers, as you may not be getting the best deal at the wholesale outlet. When you order, always check out per serving or per portion amounts. You might be able to get these items cheaper at a local dollar or grocery store.