Financial condition of a person spells a big effect on the person himself along with the other family members. It is true that a person cannot buy all the happiness in the world with money. But even it is true that money brings in a lot of satisfaction and a sense of security to the entire family. Financial satisfaction is the key factor to a healthy and improved life style. Mostly people believe in substantial development that says that one should earn and use resources depending upon the need of future generation or in better words the present resources must be used keeping in mind the need of the future generation. The growth in economy has spelled a doom on all these myths and now what people think is to have a good financial balance so as to face any problem without experiencing financial threats. Taking up loans and borrowing money is now a kind of trend. Almost each and every commodity, luxury, basic needs etc. are now available in installment plans.

No matter what one needs to buy, there is an installment plan attached. The luxurious and high priced things come with loan. Home loan, gold loan, financial loan, educational loan etc. are all on high demands in the recent years. People need to understand that they should spend the amount that they are sure of earning back. If one ends up spending more than what he or she earns then the person is bound to be a debtor one day. And being a debtor is like being a prisoner. Until and unless the debt is cleared, the debtor cannot even think of making a big expense even if it is majorly required. When needs are more and earnings are low, people opt for borrowing money. And when they find it hard to pay te money, stress begins to make its way. The stress that builds up in such situation is not limited to financial misbalance. It beings in mental stress along and then starts to shower its effects on the physical health and mental health of the person and the family.

A debtor might acquire diseases like blood pressure fluctuation, mental stress, depression, low digestion capacity etc. due to the financial stress and almost every- one is aware of the fact that all these problem is related to the important organs of the body and they have their roots on heart, lungs and kidneys in some way or the other. Hence, it is important to know the matter and get hold of it before it gets too worse. Click here for debt consolidation factors. Financial misbalance is something that is not pre- planned. It comes all of a sudden. But when can at least be careful about its harmful effects and take steps before it starts showing the effects in a large scale. Consulting a doctor about any changes in daily life style and letting the doctor know about the reasons that are causing mental stress can help one in getting out of the situation.