The VelaShape is a cellulite and body contouring device which offers a non-invasive way to achieve smoother body shape with a reduction in the common dimpled effect seen in the skin. Cellulite is believed to affect around 80% of women, as well as some men, and treatment for this unsightly condition is high. Patients are now looking for ways to improve the look of their body skin, and achieve a smoother silhouette – without the need to resort to drastic surgical procedures.


How does VelaShape work?

There are actually four different technologies involved in this revolutionary system, including bi-polar radio frequency energy (RF), infrared light (IR), a pulsed vacuum mechanism and massage rollers. The combination of IR and RF technologies heat the targeted areas of skin tissue, which stimulates collagen production and cellular metabolism, causing a localized diminishment in skin volume and laxity. The mechanical tissue manipulates the targeted area, causing an instantaneous increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage – both of which contribute to the healthy structure of the skin.

Clinical studies have shown reported body circumference losses of around an inch on average after a treatment session, and after a series of treatments significant improvement of the appearance of cellulite. Patients noticed a measurable re-contouring effect of saddlebags and love handles etc. demonstrated by a decrease in girth or circumference size. Treatments are performed once a week with an initial treatment period of 4-6 sessions. Sessions last between 20 and 30 minutes – and are comfortable, although skin may feel slightly warm for a few hours post treatment.

Who is Suitable for Treatment?

Treatment with VelaShape is suitable for anyone who wishes to see an improvement in the texture and appearance of skin – especially for those who suffer from cellulite on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and hips. The system is also effective at targeting stubborn pockets of fat, re-contouring unwanted bumps and bulges and smoothing out the body silhouette.

Is Treatment Safe?

There are no long-term side-effects resulting from light or RF energies used by the unit, and treatment is suitable and safe to use even on tanned or dark skin.

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