Approximately 75% of Americans experience fear or anxiety when seeing the dentist, resulting in a ‘walk in and walk out’ approach throughout sessions. Unfortunately, this haste and lack of contact with your dentist could indeed be harmful to your dental health in the long run. You might not even recognize it, but your dental specialist may appreciate it if you posed more questions, whether they were about a particular procedure or simply about general dental hygiene. Raising concerns and being open with your general dentist Hilliard Dr. James E. Butler, will help you not only to suppress any nervousness you had about your visit but also identify possible concerns before they develop into something severe. Here are some questions you should consider posing to your dentist at your next checkup.

Why Are You Experiencing Tooth Discomfort?

If you have suffered tooth discomfort, even if it is mild and appears to come out of nowhere, it is crucial to inquire about it instead of assuming it will just fade away. Tooth discomfort might result from a minor sensitivity concern or a sign of a hidden cavity. Your general dentist could also assist you in determining the underlying source of your discomfort. For instance, you may think discomfort emanates from your tooth while it is actually emanating from your gums.

What Are Your Alternatives For Teeth Whitening?

Whereas it is crucial to have a healthy smile, many people also desire pearly-white teeth. There is much disinformation regarding teeth whitening out there and horror stories of irreversible persistent sensitivity or enamel damage. Instead of attempting to work it out by yourself, consult a dentist. Your specialist can gladly direct you to secure and reliable alternatives that will not affect your teeth.

How Could Cosmetic Dentistry Benefit You?

Although cosmetic dentistry is a large market, many individuals are still hesitant to inquire about treatment choices for something traditionally seen as vain or a luxury. If you have any features about your smile that make you feel insecure, like crooked teeth and tiny chippings, your dentist would like to be informed so that they can develop a tailored solution for your concerns.

How Do You Cease Your Teeth Grinding Habit?

While dentists may sometimes instantly identify if you are grinding your teeth because of distinctive wear and tear, it is not always that apparent. If you realize that you are grinding your teeth throughout the day or sleeping, raise this concern to your general dentist. Your specialist can adopt a proactive approach to countering the teeth grinding concern and safeguarding your smile before it causes even more harm by suggesting specific therapeutic exercises and a mouthguard.

Should You Be Concerned About Your Gums Bleeding?

You may observe slight gum bleeding upon flossing or brushing your teeth. Even though it is often not an uncomfortable symptom, it must be addressed. If this occurs during your daily routine, you must discuss it with your dentist at your next visit. Even if the bleeding is minimal, it could be an early sign of gingivitis or periodontitis. Your dental specialist can determine if there is an inherent concern or whether your existing flossing and brushing regimen is to fault.

Remember that your dentist’s role is not only to fix your dental concerns; it is also to teach you oral hygiene and preventative care. Whenever your dentist highlights something you do not understand, do not be hesitant to seek clarification or pose questions. At Innovative Dental Ideas, Dr. Butler and his expert staff offer a wide range of solutions, including dental crowns, veneers, dentures, implants, whitening, etc. Call the Hilliard, OH office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.