Gain Weight

Although most of the people look out for loosing that flab but there are many people who are naturally skinny and one might consider it a blessing but ask people who are in this condition. Even very skinny people face bullying and other restrictions while applying in defense services and getting in other athletic activities. Even being underweight can lead you to health issues like organ failure, loss of bone density, etc. many teens and youngsters also face malnutrition as a result of excessive dieting, youngsters don’t realize that what damage they do to their body when going for these extensive diets just to look slim and fit in the crowd.

Now when you ask someone that how to gain weight? Their answer will be simple just eat. But eating a lot of sugar products or fatty junk food like potato chips and fries is not the right way of gaining weight. It might lead you to other health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol level, etc. I am sure you don’t want these diseases as well. Moreover overeating or fasting has very negative effects on metabolism of your body. As you are looking for a healthy body by gaining a few pounds and you don’t want any more health issues.

So it is quite important to manage your diet, even if you want to gain some weight in your body must stay healthy. Hence, to know how to gain weight and gain some weight in a healthy way, you must follow these tips.

Gain Weight

Eat right

When you want to gain weight of course you have to increase your intake of calories, but that does not mean that you completely neglect the nutrition value of the food you are eating. You must eat 3 proper meals per day and also go for snacks at most twice a day. You can increase protein intake in your diet as it helps in building up muscles. Instead of going for artificial supplements you must first revise your diet. There are so many natural proteins rich food which you can include in your diet such as:

  • Eggs
  • Cereals
  • Banana
  • Boiled Soybean
  • Peanuts/ peanut butter
  • Stake
  • Tuna

Exercise is must

If you think that gaining weight is that easy, just eat and your job is done, then you are getting it all wrong. Exercise is must to maintain a healthy body weather to lose weight or to gain some. Moreover exercising increases your metabolism and hence fuels your appetite. Doing weights is the best way to build muscles while putting on weight, but it’s not so easy to do on your own. I would sternly suggest you to join a gym and start training under a skilled trainer as the trainer can teach you how to gain weight with perfect logics associated with every act.

There are so many things you must keep in mind and pay attention to while exercising, especially weight lifting. You must always stretch before staring cardio or weight lifting or else you will strain or injure your muscles. Also, you must keep yourself well hydrated while exercising. You can go for more protein shakes or other protein supplements right after your workout session, it helps in building muscles. It is important to gain muscle mass rather than fat in your body that is why it is important to exercise as well as watch your diet while gaining weight too, otherwise you will just consume useless fat which will accumulate in your organs and be a cause of their malfunctioning. So don’t just laze around, if you want a healthy body, work out for it.

When should you consult a doctor?

We all have our bodies in different proportions, it is our body type. If you think your body is not in proportion for example, most of the people gain fat in belly easily which you don’t want. It can be easily coordinated with the help of the right diet and the right exercises for which you have your trainer to guide you through, but if it doesn’t go right, even after following your diet and exercises then it’s time, you must see your doctor and get the help you need. As there can be some medical issue which is causing the problem and might need more attention than your weight issue.