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A Hair Replacement Solution

This type of hair loss treatment entails fixing existing hair, or in cases of total hair loss, implementing surgical tapes until the hair regrows naturally. The first phase involves attaching a durable yet flexible mesh to the patient’s scalp. This is accomplished by threading strands of the existing hair through the mesh attachment.

The mesh is then secured further with the patient’s own hair and a few specialised tools. Other systems may use complex braiding techniques along with glue or heat to seal and secure the mesh. However, it is better to use the tools, as glue and heat can weaken the hair, which may result in further hair loss.

A Natural Approach to Treating Hair Loss

Female hair loss treatments of this type never use artificial hair,but rather, they make use of 100% human hair. The hair is applied in small sections to replicate the movement of natural hair. If needed, the design is completed with a centrepiece to offer a part that can be styled like the patient’s own hair. The base of the centrepiece is almost indistinguishable from the parting of a natural scalp.

Technicians advise the patient as to the hair type and texture that is best for them. Patients are not limited to their own hair colour, as highlights and lowlights can be used. The final step includes a cut and style, which allows the client to leave the studio with a lovely hairstyle.


In order to maintain the look, patients have the hair realigned about every four to six months. The session takes approximately two to four hours, depending on the style and what needs to be involved in the process. Hair integration systems of this type are better than wigs, as the hair can be washed and styled just like natural hair. The mesh that is used permits the skin to breathe, which makes the hair system feel lighter and more ergonomic than a wig.

If the condition of a patient’s hair improves, the system can be removed. This type of hair replacement system contrasts sharply with wearing a wig. Wigs are not only uncomfortable, but they also induce perspiration and are difficult to attach securely to the head.

So, if you are looking for a non-surgical solution for hair loss, you have several modern treatment options. One common method is to simply add hair extensions. Another technique is to use a system that volumizes the look of your hair and avoids glue or heat, which is the ideal way to encourage hair growth. The idea is to make the hair look as natural and beautiful as possible. You cannot get this type of result from other hair loss systems, as most of them tend to be very ineffective. If you have a hair loss condition, you owe it to yourself to check out this form of hair replacement therapy.