men issues

If you don’t experience proper erection during arousal, then there are chances that you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence). Quite a few men suffer from partial erection, where their tool arouses partly. However it is not good enough to enough to enjoy sex or satisfy your partner.

In some of the cases the dysfunction is temporary in nature and you don’t have to do anything to cure the problem. It is caused due to stress, tiredness, distraction, or alcohol consumption. However, ED can be persistent in men between age group of 40 to 70 years. Statistics shows that 50 % of men between these age groups suffer from ED.

men issues

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) are mainly due to two reasons like physical and mental or psychological.

List of physical causes

  • Reduction in flow of blood to penis: It happens due to narrowing of arteries, which carries blood to penis. When the arteries are blocked due to deposition of fatty deposits or atheroma, they become narrow in size, and do not allow blood to properly flow into penis. This results in improper erection. Narrowing of arteries can also result due to high blood pressure, smoking, and high cholesterol.
  • Nerve disorders or injury: Several diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease can affect the function of nerves. Injury in nerves such as spinal injury, radiotherapy in sex organs, and fractured pelvis can also lead to malfunctioning in nerves, which results in ED.
  • Diabetes: People suffering from diabetes are also highly prone to ED.
  • Hormonal disorders: Any type of malfunctioning in Pituitary gland can lead to lack of testosterone in men’s body. Deficiency of this hormone can result in impotence.
  • Side-effects of medicines: Consumption of anti-depressants and beta blockers such as atenolol, propranolol, water tablets, cimetidine, can cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol consumption and drug abuse are other two major reasons behind this disorder

List of mental or physiological causes behind erectile dysfunction

  • Stress
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Treatment of Erectile dysfunction

In most of the cases, Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) is treated by consumption of tablets, before having sex. The first ever tablet for treating this disease was launched in the year 1998. Nowadays, lots of such tablets are available in medical stores. Before tablets, injection was quite popular among men for getting proper erection. A medicine was injected in the base of penis, which caused erection in just 15 minutes.

However, one should visit doctor before taking such medicines. Intake of these medicines without doctor’s prescription can have dangerous consequences. Thus, it is advisable to consult your physician before taking them. Other than medicines, you should bring certain chances in your life style. Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption as far as possible.

Do regular exercises, and eat healthy diet. You should include lots of protein, vitamin, and fresh fruits in your diet. Sexual therapy and couple counseling are also the other effective ways of treating Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence).