Teeth Whitening

Many patients struggle with yellowing teeth, a condition that happens with age. Although you may be taking care of your teeth, they may inevitably begin to yellow over time. There are specific ways you can whiten your teeth to restore the integrity of your smile. Although many pharmacies offer the option of teeth whitening kits, it is advisable to consult Dr. Samantha Ben-Ezra in Washington to know what is best for your needs. Before you visit your dentist, here are some of the ways you can naturally whiten your teeth to eliminate yellowing:

Making dietary adjustments

It is a known fact that consuming specific foods can stain your teeth. For example, tannins in wines and teeth can stain your teeth over time. If you want to prevent further staining, you could try eliminating those foods from your diet to protect your teeth. Moreover, acidic foods do not do any good for your enamel. The more you consume citrus or soda, the faster your enamel wears down. The enamel is the white part of teeth, and without it, the teeth may begin to yellow.

Upon consumption of acidic foods, patients could try to brush their teeth. However, it would be best to wait 30 minutes before brushing because acidic foods weaken the enamel. The sooner you brush, the faster your enamel wears down. Active smokers should quit this harmful habit, which causes nicotine stains and increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Oil pulling

Many patients do not appreciate how washing the teeth with oil can help eliminate any debris in the teeth and mouth and thus reduce how fast yellowing occurs. Although oil washing effectively removes bacteria from your mouth, it is not a substitute for regular brushing and flossing. Patients should continue to maintain hygiene but complement their habits with oil washing to ensure that their mouth is bacteria-free and thus does not quickly turn yellow. The most effective oils to wash your mouth are coconut, sesame, and sunflower oil.

Brush with baking soda

Most patients worry about the intensity of baking soda on their teeth. Although there is concern about baking soda grinding away the enamel, research provides no evidence. You can occasionally use baking soda when brushing your teeth to polish ant stains in the enamel. Baking soda can also remove plaque from teeth and thus prevent tooth decay.

Using hydrogen peroxide

This mild bleach effectively whitens the teeth and is prevalent in most dental clinics. When using hydrogen peroxide at home, mix the bleach with baking soda and apply the mixture to your teeth. However, using hydrogen peroxide may make your teeth increasingly sensitive for this reason; you should not use bleach to whiten your teeth every day. Instead, apply the mixture twice a week to get optimal results and still preserve the integrity of your enamel.

There are many reasons why yellowing of teeth occurs. For example, enamel thinning and staining. You should review your lifestyle to understand the cause of your condition and thus develop effective remedies that will restore your teeth’ attractiveness.

Consult with your professional at SPA Dental Group to learn which teeth whitening remedies are safe and can effectively eliminate any yellowing to improve the appearance of your smile.