While shaving, waxing, tweezing, depilatories and electrolysis hair removal methods can be cumbersome, time consuming, expensive and painful; laser hair removal treatment seems a godsend solution. It is fast becoming the ideal hair removal solution to get rid of unwanted hair. While it certainly have number of advantages, it is also important to understand and realize all of its major disadvantages. Some of them are –

Hair Removal Treatment

  • Cost of the treatment: This is perhaps one of the most important criteria in opting for any hair removal method. The cost of laser hair removal is quite high and often unaffordable for many. Again to be completely rid of all unwanted hair, one needs a minimum of 4-6 sessions which make the whole treatment cost very expensive.
  • Not a permanent hair removal solution: The biggest hype about laser hair removal is that it gets rid of unwanted hair permanently. But one needs to realize that FDA has approved it as a hair reduction treatment and not permanent hair removal solution. Hence, you may experience hair growth in the treated area though the regrown hairs are generally smaller and finer. It also cannot be denied that often it provides a longer period of time compared to other methods before the hair grows back.
  • Treatment dependent on the skin color: The basic technology of the laser hair treatment is to direct the laser on to the skin from where the laser high-energy light is absorbed by the melanin located in the hair follicles. Now melanin is the pigment, which provides the dark skin color and the black color to the hair. This melanin is absent in people having red, blonde or grey hair. Thus, this procedure cannot provide solution to all people and is heavily dependent on the skin and hair color.
  • Possible side effects: The procedure needs to be performed by a specialized dermatologist and laser specialist only. Any mistake can have serious side effects like burning, scarring, blistering, scabbing or crusting etc which not only cost more in treatment and increases pain and discomfort but are more unsightly than grown hair.
  • Discoloration of skin: Sometimes it may cause skin diseases like burning and discoloration of skin. Bother hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation is possible.

Laser hair removal procedure is not generally recommended for people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular system disorders, pregnancy, skin disorders, ontological skin disorders, infection disorders, people below the age of 17 and many more.