All that you need to know about dental implant procedure

Tooth human implant (done in 3d graphics)

Lost that smile because of missing teeth and oral health issues? No worries, dental implants can help you get that smile back on your face. This dental surgery can help you get your oral health on the right track, even if you have lost all of your teeth because of tooth decay.

Can dentist replace all missing teeth with implants?

No doubt, experts can replace multiple teeth with implants, but this depends on the condition of jaw bone in the individual’s mouth. If there is lesser amount of jaw bone left below damaged teeth, dentist may not be able to perform dental implant.  Number of tests need to be performed in order to determine the condition of concerned bone and part of jaw.

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Is there any pain involved in the procedure?

Usually, dentists use local anesthesia during surgery (depending on patient’s health and allergy issues) to avoid pain.

Dental implant procedure is much simpler than tooth extraction, but you may feel bit of pain for few days after completion of surgery. Your expert may give you sedatives if required. But, overall, the procedure cannot be tagged as painful.

Timeframe for the overall treatment

After your consultation, your dental expert will provide you with a copy of treatment plan that would also mention the overall expected timeframe to complete the surgery and follow up treatment. Treatment may take any time between one month and six months, depending on the condition of jaw bone.

As mentioned, your dentist will give you average time estimate so that you can plan your schedule for the concerned number of days in advance.

After surgery care

After completing the surgery, your dentist may prescribe certain painkillers and other antibiotic drugs, depending on the condition of your oral health. It is advisable to take rest for at least three to four days after surgery and make sure that there is someone to take care of you while at home.

Implanted teeth also require regular cleaning

The most important question that may arise in your mind while thinking about implanted teeth is its cleaning procedure. There is no need to worry; even replacement teeth require usual oral care like brushing teeth every day and flossing. There are certain areas of tooth that your brush might not reach while cleaning. Your dentist will train you for cleaning those parts of tooth. Besides that, all you need to do is visit your dentist for usual check up as per his/her recommendation.

Can implants get damaged?

Remember, implants are just like your natural teeth. So, if you are involved in accident, it is obvious that your implanted teeth would also get damaged along with your natural ones.

If you are involved in sports, it is advisable to opt for mouth guard while playing in order to avoid damaging your implanted teeth. Anyway, even damaged implants can be removed and replaced if required.