Cristiano Ronaldo – Modalert boosts my memory


Cristiano Ronald is the man who doesn’t need an introduction. He has been such inspiration to people all over the world. Recently he received the Marca’s award for the best player in La Liga in 2015-16, the same day he signed a new deal at Real Madrid which he said gave him a boost of motivation to win more trophies. At the signing ceremony he said at the Bernabeu that these won’t be his last contract. Being a ball star player is not an easy job. Wining so many trophies and still working to winning some more takes a lot of hard work.

When asked, Cristiano said everyday comes with a challenge where he has a little help from a wonder supplement called Modalert. He has been suffering from sleepiness and lacking energy; he started on Modalert once a day and has been using it since. The change in is level of energy and improvement with is mental health has helped him so much. He has been making smarter choices and is been motivated to do more for his career.

Sir Alex Ferguson quoted once, “there’s no fluke about it. I see ronaldo practicing all the time in training”. Besides the mental motivation there is much more to a football player that everyone need to keep in mind when attempting to get in shape is to stay focused and derive to do it. Cristiano’s talked about his daily routine says, he is obsessed with his training routine and never misses a day of training or skips his workout. Some days when it’s hard to concentrate on his work Modalert helps to work hard with his daily routine.

We people are living in a speedy life where we need an easy fix for everything. If only we could take a pill before a big day or big test which would help us remember every detail then our lives would get so much easier the following day. Just like Modalert made Cristiano’s life easy it can even help people like us.

University of oxford has been conducting new study and they found that the narcolepsy drug modafinil may enhance our cognitive abilities. Modafinil has been said to be more effective then caffeine. Modafinil not only helps with energy level of our body but has other benefits like.

  • Improving memory power and recalling abilities.
  • Keeps your energy up through 16 to 18 hours
  • Helps you lose weight.
  • Advances Learning capability and helps with concentration.
  • Helps you sleep well
  • Relaxes the mind

As we all love and like to follow Cristiano ronaldo lifestyle, he is role model to many people. Friends are very import to him as he shares the same passion. Some of his best friends are footballers just like him; he says that they all use Modalert on a daily basis on recommendation of a doctor friend and started using it together. Getting a positive outcome about the supplement Modalert they are happy with it.