It’s unfortunate that so many people think that the powder distribution site that I use is not legitimate. I know more than anyone that it’s close to impossible to find a good website for powders. I’ve tried so many of them, and lost a lot of money because they were illegitimate. They took my money and I never received my order. Legalpowder.cn.com is the only site that I have stayed with for years – it’s not a scam.


The site has many of the powders that I use regularly. The following are some of my favorites.


This helps me stay lean because it’s an appetite suppressant. I use this sometimes in place of coffee because it gives me that boost of energy I need for long days at work.


When I need to relax, I’ll smoke some STS-135. It gives me a bit of euphoria, and listening to music never sounded so good. It’s perfect for evenings after work in which I just want to chill out for a couple of hours.


On the weekends, I like to take it up a notch with this powder. It gives me a high for at least 3 hours, and it’s the best euphoric feeling. I have never been so happy to be alive.


Sometimes, instead of 25B-NBOME, I’ll use my MDPV. It gives you a similar high as cocaine and amethylphenidate. It lasts about four hours and it’s just the right strength.

These aren’t the only powders available. You can get almost anything you can imagine. I’ve recommended this site to my friends and together with them; we’ve bought almost everything on the site. It’s all been delivered to us in secure packages and it was the highest quality I’ve ever seen buying this type of stuff online.

Don’t be scared about ordering these powders. The company knows what it is doing with them. They know that customs may confiscate them if discovered and come back to you. This is why they have a system that goes along with your purchase. Even if by some chance the customs police find it, they will not be able to trace it back to you. You’ll fully understand when you go through the process. At any time in checkout you feel funny about it, you can back out, but you’ll see that it really is all about your protection.

Go Ahead and Try it Out Now

I wouldn’t be recommending these powders to you if the site wasn’t real. You can get the powders you need quickly and easily from this site. I’ve even been surprised with the prices. They are not as high as some other sites, especially those that will try to just take your money and never send you your order.

Give it a try. You’ll see that it’s a trustworthy company. You’ll love that you have access to all of the powders that you love, and you can get them for a good price.