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Conventional Internal Tampons for Women

4 Safe Alternatives to Conventional Internal Tampons for Women

The toxicity of internal tampons is a serious reason for concern for many women. This is not to say that hygienic tampons are toxic...
Anorexia for Good

5 Tips to Manage and Prevent Anorexia for Good

Understanding the underlying triggers (such as fear of failure or negative body image) is essential for managing and preventing anorexia. Establishing a healthy...

Chemotherapy & Hair Loss: Understanding the Connection

Chemotherapy has been an integral part of the cancer treatment protocol for decades. The therapy relies on cytotoxic (anti-cancer) drugs to destroy cancer cells....

Want To Make More Money From Your Dentistry? Find A Marketing Team!

You've made an amazing website, but nobody can see it. Frustrating, right? You've spent hours (or even days) crafting the perfect website only to...
Invisible Aligners

Five Issues That Invisible Aligners Can Treat

Do you want to get straighter teeth, but don't want the hassle of wearing a brace? Invisible aligners are a popular and now fairly common...