What is Assisted Living Really like


It is usually a big and major step, when families have to move senior family members to another assisted living facility, just to make sure they get the optimum care they deserve at that age. it is usually an emotional and trying times for the family, yet unavoidable.

What Assisted Living is Really like

Majority of families considering this transition for their senior family members, are usually not sure of what to expect in assisted living communities. Most people have predisposed notion that they are synonymous with the popular nursing home. Today’s assisted living homes are usually up to date with modern ways/methods of caring for the aged. Therapies and chefs are on hand, outdoor trips are organised, world class amenities provided and a team of competent care workers on hand too. Families should visit and inspect assistant living facilities first hand to see what it’s like and how suitable the environment would be for their the aged in their family. One of the things to look out for is the amenities within the facilities.

The Transformation of Assisted living Communities

There has been a vast and major change in the way modern assisted living operates. Gone are the days when the conventional nursing home offer the same treatment for every senior citizen. Thanks to the resort like concept that modern assistant living homes adopt now. Today there is also a plethora of activities and amenities, in addition to state-of-the art care from medical and therapist professionals, including:

  • Barber and beautician services
  • Book groups
  • Dining and food services
  • Gardening clubs
  • Housekeeping and laundering services
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Scheduled transportation services to outings outside of community
  • Theater outings

What Assisted Living Is Like Presently

Today’s assistant living care is now tailored towards individual needs, and there is a program for each resident. Activities are different based on drawn up schedule and care is carried out by trained staffs for each senior member of the residence.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

ADLS are the activities embedded into the daily schedule of residency care. Here the idea is to not necessarily to help them carry out these basic tasks, but to support them in the process. Tasks like

  • Bathing/ dressing up
  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Using the toilets
  • Strolls