Preventive Care

Some severe medical conditions require preventive care to prevent them from developing severe complications. The primary purpose of preventative maintenance is to prevent life-threatening medical conditions from developing. San Antonio preventive care, therefore, makes it easy for you to access preventive services because the nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants have a history of assisting people in protecting their health. Safeguarding your health prevents you from dealing with an inevitable crisis later in life. Below is all you need to learn about preventive care.

What is preventive care?

Generally, preventive care incorporates various medical approaches that help you escape chronic conditions. According to more recent health statistics, approximately more than half of all Americans suffer from chronic diseases that can be prevented. You can correct some of these concerns that deteriorate your health or cause severe diseases with preventive care.

What conditions can preventive care help avoid?

Preventive care helps you overcome serious concerns, medical crises, and conditions like heart attack, infectious disease, type 2 diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and some types of cancer such as cervical and colorectal cancer, and breast cancers. Of importance is to note that most of the conditions named above have related underlying factors. For instance, people who have type 2 diabetes, a history of stroke, or coronary heart disease usually have concerns with their weight, elevated blood pressure, or unhealthy diets.

What does preventive care involve?

Preventive care can significantly change your health concerns, age, and disease risk factors. Some common aspects of preventive care are diabetes testing, immunizations, nutritional counseling, mental health screening, blood pressure screening, cancer screening, weight management, exercise counseling, tuberculosis screening, cholesterol testing, smoking cessation programs, sexually transmitted disease testing, and preventive medications such as cholesterol-lowering drugs. There is also some shared preventive care for everyone, like flu immunizations each year. However, other preventive care such as shingles immunization usually kick-off after attaining the age of fifty years. Similarly, if you have certain risk factors, you might require certain specific screening tests performed. Other preventive care is also available for a particular group of people with similar concerns. For instance, you can offer preventative care to a group of cigarette smokers who need to quit.

How often do you require preventive care?

Most people understand that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, preventive care is a practice that most people usually do at home throughout the day by choosing healthy lifestyles. You must also visit your medical providers regularly to ensure you do everything required to remain healthy. In this case, most health care providers need you to have an annual examination each year as part of preventive care. During this appointment, you get to learn essential details concerning your identity changes, body and so helps you refocus on your health objectives.

Preventive care is essential because it eliminates some factors that can cause health crises in the future. Therefore, if you are interested in learning about various preventive services available and what each entails, you can start by booking your appointment or calling Castle Hills Practice today. The health care providers ensure your needs are well catered for.