Young woman playing with hair, close up

If you are a woman or man with a hair loss problem, you can opt for one of various treatments or products. However, you may not know how to proceed, given the selection. In order to make the right decision, you need to contact an aesthetic clinic that features hair loss solutions for its clients.

Current Popular Hair Loss Solutions

Some of the current treatments used for hair loss include the following:

  • Stem cell hair treatments
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • Laser technologies for home use
  • Mesotherapy
  • LED photomodulation treatments
  • FUE hair transplants
  • Biofibre hair transplants

A Biofibre Hair Transplant

In order to know which treatment is right for you, you need to speak to a representative at the clinic. One of the hair loss recommendations that is popular today is a Biofibre hair transplant. This minor surgery uses artificial hair to cover a balding area affected by alopecia. The artificial hair looks natural and fuses well with the original hair, thereby giving a client healthy-looking and voluminous hair.

Transplant Benefits

This type of effective hair fall treatment offers the following benefits:

  • The results look natural and aesthetic
  • The hair looks denser
  • The process is painless
  • You can reverse the hair loss treatment
  • No downtime is needed for the implant
  • The hair thickening is slow yet progressive
  • This type of implantation can be used alone or with other cosmetic treatments

A Reversible Procedure

The hair that is used for this type of treatment is made from a biocompatible fibre. Safety is not a problem in this regard as each implant features a knot that can be reversed. Therefore, the hair implants can be removed without the worry of leaving a scar.

Minimal Discomfort

The hairs that are inserted cause minimal discomfort and are exceptionally resilient to a number of stresses whether they are chemical, mechanical, or physical in nature. Whilst minor inflammations may occur, they can be resolved without too much difficulty.

FUE Hair Transplants

Besides the Biofibre hair transplant, you may be interested in a follicular unit extraction transplant, popularly known as FUE. This revolutionary treatment plan is a minor surgical procedure that utilises a specialised tool that does not cause scarring. No stitches are needed during the implant process as well.

The method requires the use of donor hair for implantation in the balding area. Each strand is extracted individually before it is inserted into the site of the hair loss. Although this type of treatment can be lengthy in duration, most FUE procedures are completed in one session. The hair in the donor area grows back in several days with natural-looking results. Of the hair follicles that are transplanted, just over 90% are preserved.

Regardless of the type of hair loss solution that you choose, you can realise good results. Contact an aesthetic clinic today to review all the alternatives.