7 Tips for Eating Healthy as You Age


vswFor adults, eating healthy brings a plethora of benefits that can impact your mental abilities, lack of diseases, and energy levels that rival your younger days.  If you eat a balanced meal that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables you’ll feel better, have a more positive attitude, and improve your time of healing should you have surgery or an accident.  It’s an easy way to maintain your independent lifestyle and enjoy the freedoms that you worked toward all of your life.  Let’s look at some tips for eating healthy as you age.

Finding healthy recipes can be as easy as simply using the click here button on a website.

Determine how many calories per day you need.  Let’s break it down to over 50 male and female needs and the level of activity in which they participate

  • Females: Not very active-1600 calories per day, somewhat active-1800 calories per day, and very active-1600 calories per day
  • Males: Not active-2000 calories per day, somewhat active-2200-2400 calories per day, and very active-2400-2800 calories per day

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.  You’ll want to make sure that you eat a wholesome amount of grains, protein, and calcium to maintain a healthy body.

Don’t forget vitamins and minerals.  It’s important that you drink plenty of water to prevent infections and other ailments that can impact your health.

Reduce your sodium intake.  This helps to decrease retention of water and impacts your blood pressure too.  Along with this you should add plenty of fibre to your diet and avoid bad carbohydrates when you can.

Use a special cookbook for some delicious recipes.  There are cookbooks available that have healthy recipes for diabetics and other conditions that take some special ingredients and preparation.  If you keep one of these handy, you’re sure to have a healthy plate at your next meal.

Don’t skip meals.  Your metabolism slows when you skip meals which can drain your energy and makes your overall physical condition sluggish.

Try to join others for meals whenever possible. Meals are more enjoyable when taken with friends and family. The lively conversation adds to the culinary delight of your meal and helps to reduce your stress and risk of depression.  You’ll eat much better when you are in the company of others and the joy that you experience will be priceless.

As you get older your metabolism slows and if you aren’t getting much physical activity, you’ll find that gaining weight may become a problem.  If you eat healthy and use items that are available to help you prepare delicious meals you’ll enjoy a better quality of life.  By visiting websites designed with senior needs in mind and following the instructions to “click here” for further information, you’ll find a many items that can help you enjoy your physical activity a little more as well as delicious meals that are meant to keep you healthy and happy.

Taking care of yourself begins with eating healthy so you can be happy and maintain your independent lifestyle.