Contrary to the common belief that orthodontists exclusively handle kids and teens, persons of all ages see orthodontists for specialized care. To put it simply, an orthodontist is a dental expert who specializes in fixing tooth positions for both cosmetic and functional reasons, as well as the development of your teeth and jaws. Dr. Yon Lai in Flushing discusses some of the top five reasons why individuals see an orthodontist. Check out this post to find out more.

1. To Avoid Potential Dental Concerns

It is necessary to see an orthodontist as a kid, especially at about eight years, to assess the development of your teeth and jaws- not always to begin treatment. The goal is to have your specialist screen you to determine if you might require therapy soon. It is a proactive measure to avoid problems like tooth crowding in maturity.

If you have a dental phobia that keeps you from accessing the treatment you need, you can talk to Dr. Yon for help. He offers sedation dentistry to help patients who suffer from heightened dental anxiety. Besides, his friendly demeanor and compassionate care will help you get through any suggested course of action with ease.

2. To Identify And Address Issues With Your Bite

The permanent teeth of a youngster begin to emerge around six years old. During this time, an orthodontist can effectively diagnose any issues with their bite and provide the appropriate therapy. The earlier you address an underbite or overbite, the more effective your treatment will be.

Adults could also readily undergo therapy for bite abnormalities, with various options ranging from Invisalign Clear Aligners to braces.

3. Jaw Deformities

Jaw deformities frequently happen when either the upper or lower jaw has grown excessively, protruded, or shifted to one end, resulting in malocclusion and facial asymmetry. Sadly, there are numerous patients who realize they have a jaw deformity but do not seek treatment. It is advisable to visit an orthodontist early to address the problem using more conservative options like braces rather than surgery.

4. Crowding or Gaps Between Teeth

Most people are unaware that teeth continuously shift even after they reach adulthood. Adults past 40 years are frequently seen with lower anterior crowding or gaps between teeth. These problems are actually pretty prevalent’ Therefore, it is best to see an orthodontist for checkups instead of waiting for the condition to worsen before beginning therapy.

5. Drastic Variations In The Location Of Your Teeth

Another common reason why numerous persons see an orthodontist is once they have realized a rapid shift in their teeth’ position. One of the primary reasons for this concern is gum disease or periodontitis. An orthodontist will assess your condition and provide the necessary treatment, and if necessary, will partner with a periodontist to design your care plan and assist you in restoring normalcy.

Any unforeseen variations in your teeth or jaw are not normal. If you notice any of the above-mentioned concerns, it is high time you visit an orthodontist. At House of Braces, Dr. Yon employs advanced technologies and techniques to provide top-level orthodontic care across New York. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or request online to determine the ideal orthodontic care option for you.